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While at EGX in London, Rident took time out from playing some of the upcoming games to interview the developers of voxel-based RPG maker and player, Adventure Box

Adventure Box is an independently developed game and creation tool which is playable in a web browser and is currently in Alpha phase. A playable version of the latest build was on hand at the show. I spoke to Chief Technical Officer, Rob O’Leary to find out more about it.

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360 and Tea, a great way to start the day. ☀️🍵🎮


25 Naruto

i for got how good Naruto can be some times 


"Let Mom Sleep"

Jet Set Radio OST


Super Smash Bros early leak

So much win. <3

Time, Dr Freeman? Is it really that time again?

Michi and Justin talk about Sengoku Basara: Judge End. Mild Spoilers to follow.

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